October 24, 2008

Blame My School

No updates in a loong time, so sorry about that.
School and facebook has kept me busy, as well as the huge history project I just had and my french test.
So no designs, though I decided to post some of my sketches,
Of which I am planning to make final! 
I made a brief explenation on them all, and hopefully you guys can tell me which one you wanna see next?
1. A dress inspired by a penis a guy friend of mine drew, which I somehow mistook for a flower. I was hoping for an open back, and very structured, yet not too 'cardboard'..more flowy!

2. Just a very cute everyday outfit, of a polka dot skirt, and a blouse, shirt thingy, with little details on it, too small too see.

3. Yet another dress, inspired by The Joker. Also open back, and I'm thinking it will be red and some shade of green.

4. A bag, with a handle on one side only. (Takes some thinking to figure it out).

5. Dress. Structured on one side, the other side consisting of flowy fabrics and (this will sound soo unprofessional), the ziggy-zaggy material thats like see-through! Just a very simple, yet chique little piece.

6. A variation of #5. However, this if flowy at the bottom, has a corset, and no zig-zaggys!

7. Hardly know what it is myself... a dress I believe.

and 8. A swimsuit, nothing too fancy. Striped, with an A slashed across the side. 

Yet again, which one would you like to see next? :D
(PS. Click the picture to see the whole thing!)


hrose said...

ugghh school. *sigh*
so much work, study, cramming for me too. but i will be all done with school in a matter of days (AHHHH!!!)

this is difficult. i love number 7, is the skirt made from something sheer so the pink bodice shines through? i like that, it would look awesome on a runway ;)

i also like the penis dress (ahahahaha) t looks really cool, and i like the scalloping on the side. The polka dot skirt and sheer shirt is also really nice as well.

You know that i actually like all the designs though, forcing me to choose is too hard. lol. hope school gets better!


hrose said...

ps. i tagged you in my most recent post!

Tina :) said...

I can relate to you on the school part...ugh.

Really love number 7, would love to see it finished!

icon said...

your not alone, im over loaded as well... anyways i really like number 1 if it get's a bit more developed... the others are good as well :)

and sorry i cant remember what you said in the comment but yes the model is natalia vodianova...

holly said...

ahaha i dont know if this is a good thing or bad but i like the weeeenis inspired dress best :D

Anna Shapiro said...

I love number one!

It should be made out of feathers, haha :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

I'm scared of heights too, but for some reason, flying doesn't scare me... :) Imagine reading minds, then we could really get why men do what they do! lol...

xo/ fashion chalet

yiqin; said...

I love how you use lines to doodle. So beautiful.