October 27, 2008

I Give You Permission To Be Mad At Me

Thank you to everybody who commented on what design they wanted to see next!
I got most votes on #7 and #1, and it was really nice to see the choices and comments.
I will really try get it done soon,
though I want you all to please keep in mind that I have a final exam in geometry on friday, and I have been doing bad in French, so I have to study and catch up.

I was also tagged again, this time by www.laicon.blogspot.com.

6 Random Things About Me
1. When I wear a watch, I wear it facing out, from under my wrist.
2. I was always proud of my dark brown hair when I lived in Europe, because nobody had it, though once I moved to USA, I realized all people had it, and it didn't feel as special anymore.
3. I have a pretty bad scoliosis.
4. When I was in second grade, I won a drawing competition for the Olympics, over my whole school (1st to 12th grade). Sorry, just had to boast, but I'm soo proud of it!
5. I hate sunlight. Not as in generally, just when its shining on me.
6. I'm a perfectionist.

6 Random Things I Like
1. Britney Spears
2. Staying at Barnes and Nobles for hours, listening to music, I've never heard of.
3. Eating Norwegian chocolate.
4. Christmas dinners, and the excitement of waiting to open up the presents. (From Europe, so my family does it after dinner!)
5. The Vera Wang Princess add.
6. Plane rides during night, though only the ones that land at night too.

6 Random Things I Don't Like
1. Scary movies. Aaahhh!
2. People who don't appreciate anything, at all.
3. When someone is amazingly pretty, and uses it for the bad, (such as sleeping around, and being b*tchy). They should use it to 'promote' peace in the world, don't you think?
4. Napoleon Dynamite, and American Pie.
5. How time fliiies by when youre having fun.
6. Anyone, playing, touching, or having any sort of contact, with a knife. 

I was also tagged by www.capturethecastle1.blogspot.com,

4 Things I Did Today
1. I went to school, just to be late, get yelled at for being late, and doing bad in French.
2. I wore one of those little French hats.
3. I procrastinated.
4. I saw a dog that had lion eyes. 

Things On My To-Do List
1. Convince my mom that shopping is good for me...
2. Finish my homework.
3. Prepare for Halloween.
4. Somehow get those shoes!

4 Guilty Pleasures
1. Norwegian hot chocolate. I could drink a gallon, and not get sick!
2. Teen Vogue. Though I don't like the fashion as much as Vogue, its awfully entertaining.
3. Looking at people with absolutely flawless skin. Gets me so jealous!
4. Hannah Montana. I ain't too keen on Miley, though the show is hilarious.

And I was asked to write 4 random facts, though I wrote 6 above.

And there wasn't any required amount of people that needed to be tagged, 
And I know a few other blogs which did this exact same thing, 
So basically, if you want to join in the game, then do so!

And yet again, sorry for the lack of designs lately!
I am going to have a design by the end of the week though!


icon said...

ah i hate scary movies as well and your very welcome for the comment as thank you to you too! if i'd have to choose for a show to watch i'd love to see chanel, valentino, lanvin... actually i'd want to see them all. haha.

♥ fashion chalet said...

I'm not keen on scary films either. :) We should start a support group!

Thanks for the comment, darling.

xo/ fashion chalet

hrose said...

thanks for doing the tag!
good answers too. norwegian hot chocolate sounds yummy, and i love looking at people with flawless skin too... ah fabulous people. *sigh* makes me feel inadequate ahaha.
i love your random facts too. congrats on that drawing competition. haha :D. and the way you wear your watch sounds cool. i wear mine on my right hand, even though i'm right-handed... apparently you're supposed to wear it on your left, but meh. i've done it ever since i was little...
where did you live in europe?

holly said...

ahaha! im funny about sunlight too!
no problemo :) link swap!
thnx, i nvr thought of it as a skill but now that youve brought it up i guess its kinda cool (:

icon said...

thanks for the comment and no they arnt all stella... its an assortment of designers, and ah i love ruffles... i'll never have enough ruffles. haha.

Emily Wong said...

:) this was a cute post

holly said...

only on account of spirit day did i choose the tie :P

haha sun hater unite!

icon said...

My liking of DVF is a complex one. To me, she's an icon because she's a designer who does more with her career than just design clothes. She embodies the principale of giving and being a strong, confident woman. She teaches life lessons to women and gives confidence to others through fashion. She is a respectable person and it shows because of how far she's made it. I strongly recommend you go through her website under under DVF diary and giveback and you might get a little better understanding why I'm so fond of her.

Anonymous said...

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