November 8, 2008

My Grandpapa Was A Caveman

First, I must thank those whom replied to my Help! post.
Not too urgent, though it solved my problem, 
and now,
if you press the pictures, they're wayy better than before.

And as promised, below is my Penis Dress, from my October 24, 2008 post.

And below, 
Is a painting I made for class,
of one of the famous paintings the cavemen used to decorate their walls in. 

Any thoughts on the dress? Was it like you expected, worse, or even better?
And what do you think of the ox/cow painting I made?

November 6, 2008


I have two pictures to post, though whenever I do so, 
I upload from Photobucket as always, and I chose the options 
Though for some reason, the picture being uploaded is always so large!
(Like the previous post!)

Any ideas how to prevent this?

November 2, 2008

Questions To Be Answered

First, I want to thank for the amazing award I received!
I really appreciate it, and it really does inspire me to not be a lazy bumms, and continue working hard on my designs. 
Since I have to pass this award on, I pass it on too
because the blog is simply so inspirational.
Its fun to read, good for ideas, holds interesting thoughts, and is updated often, always being one of the first blogs I check out.

And below, is a new design of a coat. 
I do think the shoes are rather gross, though otherwise, any thoughts on the outfit?

And before I finish the post,
I have a 4 questions I would love (need!) to have answered, 
though the questions are only for those of you who are 16 and under.
1. When were you allowed to shop all your clothes yourself, without mom going 'Eew honey. No wayy youre getting that'?
2. Who buys your clothing? And if its split between you and parents, how so?
3. When is your bedtime?
4. Where do you shop of the following, (mention all that apply)
a) Forever 21, H&M, Gap, Abercrombie, etc.
b) Thrift and vintage stores
c) Target, Walmart
d) 'Semi-designers' such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, and  DKNY.
e) High fashion brands only, such as Prada, Armani, Calvin Klein, etc.

Thanks so much, and expect outfits from the October 24, 2008 post soon!

PS. Sorry about the overly large design. It just turned out funny for some reason!

October 27, 2008

I Give You Permission To Be Mad At Me

Thank you to everybody who commented on what design they wanted to see next!
I got most votes on #7 and #1, and it was really nice to see the choices and comments.
I will really try get it done soon,
though I want you all to please keep in mind that I have a final exam in geometry on friday, and I have been doing bad in French, so I have to study and catch up.

I was also tagged again, this time by

6 Random Things About Me
1. When I wear a watch, I wear it facing out, from under my wrist.
2. I was always proud of my dark brown hair when I lived in Europe, because nobody had it, though once I moved to USA, I realized all people had it, and it didn't feel as special anymore.
3. I have a pretty bad scoliosis.
4. When I was in second grade, I won a drawing competition for the Olympics, over my whole school (1st to 12th grade). Sorry, just had to boast, but I'm soo proud of it!
5. I hate sunlight. Not as in generally, just when its shining on me.
6. I'm a perfectionist.

6 Random Things I Like
1. Britney Spears
2. Staying at Barnes and Nobles for hours, listening to music, I've never heard of.
3. Eating Norwegian chocolate.
4. Christmas dinners, and the excitement of waiting to open up the presents. (From Europe, so my family does it after dinner!)
5. The Vera Wang Princess add.
6. Plane rides during night, though only the ones that land at night too.

6 Random Things I Don't Like
1. Scary movies. Aaahhh!
2. People who don't appreciate anything, at all.
3. When someone is amazingly pretty, and uses it for the bad, (such as sleeping around, and being b*tchy). They should use it to 'promote' peace in the world, don't you think?
4. Napoleon Dynamite, and American Pie.
5. How time fliiies by when youre having fun.
6. Anyone, playing, touching, or having any sort of contact, with a knife. 

I was also tagged by,

4 Things I Did Today
1. I went to school, just to be late, get yelled at for being late, and doing bad in French.
2. I wore one of those little French hats.
3. I procrastinated.
4. I saw a dog that had lion eyes. 

Things On My To-Do List
1. Convince my mom that shopping is good for me...
2. Finish my homework.
3. Prepare for Halloween.
4. Somehow get those shoes!

4 Guilty Pleasures
1. Norwegian hot chocolate. I could drink a gallon, and not get sick!
2. Teen Vogue. Though I don't like the fashion as much as Vogue, its awfully entertaining.
3. Looking at people with absolutely flawless skin. Gets me so jealous!
4. Hannah Montana. I ain't too keen on Miley, though the show is hilarious.

And I was asked to write 4 random facts, though I wrote 6 above.

And there wasn't any required amount of people that needed to be tagged, 
And I know a few other blogs which did this exact same thing, 
So basically, if you want to join in the game, then do so!

And yet again, sorry for the lack of designs lately!
I am going to have a design by the end of the week though!

October 24, 2008

Blame My School

No updates in a loong time, so sorry about that.
School and facebook has kept me busy, as well as the huge history project I just had and my french test.
So no designs, though I decided to post some of my sketches,
Of which I am planning to make final! 
I made a brief explenation on them all, and hopefully you guys can tell me which one you wanna see next?
1. A dress inspired by a penis a guy friend of mine drew, which I somehow mistook for a flower. I was hoping for an open back, and very structured, yet not too 'cardboard'..more flowy!

2. Just a very cute everyday outfit, of a polka dot skirt, and a blouse, shirt thingy, with little details on it, too small too see.

3. Yet another dress, inspired by The Joker. Also open back, and I'm thinking it will be red and some shade of green.

4. A bag, with a handle on one side only. (Takes some thinking to figure it out).

5. Dress. Structured on one side, the other side consisting of flowy fabrics and (this will sound soo unprofessional), the ziggy-zaggy material thats like see-through! Just a very simple, yet chique little piece.

6. A variation of #5. However, this if flowy at the bottom, has a corset, and no zig-zaggys!

7. Hardly know what it is myself... a dress I believe.

and 8. A swimsuit, nothing too fancy. Striped, with an A slashed across the side. 

Yet again, which one would you like to see next? :D
(PS. Click the picture to see the whole thing!)

October 18, 2008

Bella Luna

Below are the 2 designs I made earlier this week of a rather dull dress, and a fur-coat.

And below, is one of the cards I made for my community service, 
A moon on the outside, with an Emily Dickinson poem about the moon, on the inside, 
All smoothed out with my water color pencils.
Any thoughts on...
A) The dress, though especially the fur coat?
and B) The card? Would you like it if you were a lonely senior?

Cards of Love <3

So I did in fact make 2 outfits over the week, 
Though I don't have the time, just now, to post them, 
So I'll (hopefully), do that later today.

And yet again, I've also been tagged, by
to list 
6 unimportant things that make me happy

1. Taking public transportation (Wierd, I know!)
2. Drawing, especially when I know I did I good job.
3. Walking in heels.
4. Tomato on my sandwich.
5. Cutting stuff out of the coupons I get with the N.Y. Times. Never to late to save a dollar or 2!
6. A few foods such as my moms cooking, Haagen Danz icecream, and home made Oatmeal cookies.

And for those who I tagged, 
Here are the rules.
Mention the person who nominated you
List 6 unimportant things that make you happy
State the rules!
Notify those of whom you tagged, with a comment on their blog.

Below, are the people of which I tagged.

And other than that, eating my oatmeal breakfast right now.
And I'm about to go out the door in 15 minutes, to do my museum classes at the Met, with my friend.
Later today, were both going to go to Lee's Art Shop, for community service (I'm a fan of it), to buy paper, as our job is to make cards for the seniors!
Very fun.

But as I mentioned earlier, I will post later today, my 2 designs, and maybe even the cards, if I finish them!

October 13, 2008

Come And Play!

First of all, 
For all of you who like art and drawing, I would like to make a recommendation to you all.
Go to your local museum, and see if its possible to sign up for FREE art classes.
Trust me, its loads of fun, and its a good way to meet new people who also value art.
And secondly, 
I'm too lazy to post my buys from Thursday, and I haven't had time for any drawing over the weekend.

I was tagged by
to spill 
6 quirky things about myself!
(its actually quite funny, I'm almost feel the exact way about Y.E.D.S's #2 and #3!)

1. I am absolutely crazy about Britney Spears. I just really adore her and her music, and I think she is an amazing person! I go as far as stuffing both the inside and outside of my locker with pictures (ignoring the fact that doing so on the outside is not allowed), memorizing every single word to all of her songs, and writing 'I love Britney Spears' everywhere!
(PS. Check out the new video for Womanizer!)
2. Whenever I eat dinner, I always start by cutting up whatever meat, take away any gross veggies, and mush whatever potato. I then put away my knife, and eat with just my fork.
3. I change my mind wayy to quick, when it comes to designers and their collections. I'll go from 'Eew, I HATE Louis Vuitton!' or 'My favorite brand is D&G', to 'What? I never hated LV! I've loved them since forever ago!' or 'D&G is wayyy bad!'
4. I make up my own words, just randomly, all of which I use on a regular day to day basis...
5. For some reason, every single day, I always eat a whole plate of cucumbers during lunch.
6. Every single time I get a magazine, I first skim through it, put it somewhere, forget about it, find it the next month, read it properly, and then shred out whatever I truly like.

I don't know how wierd I am compared to you all, but yes, thats me!
And for those I tagged, here are the RULES for the game!

1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell 6 quirks about yourself
4. Tag 6 other bloggers, and link yourself with them
5. Leave a post on their blog, letting them know they've been tagged
6. And use whatever photos you want (I'm not sure what this means...)

And when it comes to tagging, I shall tag...

And to Daiana:
Yes, Emma was very pretty. I didn't see her too well, cause I was standing outside, looking a floor up, but it was obvious it was her, with her pale and flawless skin, her thick eyebrows, and her dirty blonde hair.
I remember she was wearing a light blue basic T-shirt, her hair was in a messy bun or pony tail, and she was basically just very casual.
Honestly, she looked exactly like in a magazine, proving she can't have been PhotoShopped too often! 

October 10, 2008

Yet Another Celebrity Encounter

Okay, now I'm just starting to sound fake, with all my boasting on celebrities, 
But I really did see yet another one!

As my school is in the middle of NYC, the school is separated in two, 
And when my friends came from the other building, they told me how they had seen....
at Serafina, and as I'm a huge fan, 
I completely ignored the fact that I had class, and ran to Seraphina, too see the gorgeous Emma Watson, upstairs by the window, together with a (very handsome) guy.
I'm not going to go in on the details, 
But she was extremely pretty, and looked a lot like, well, as she does in magazines and all.
Emma was just, ... Emma!
I didn't have a camera though, as I was at school, (though I heard the people at Serafina were really mad at the paparazzi, so I wouldn't have taken one anyways), 
And she was sitting upstairs, and if I did go in, (instead of standing outside, looking up), I would have to sit down to eat or drink something, which I didn't have the money for....
It was fun though.
Back 2 years ago, I would never in my LIFE have imagined I would move to NY, and see celebrities, though now, its somewhat happening!
Very fun.

October 9, 2008

Won't Believe Who I Saw Today!

Had the most amazing time today, with two of my friends, shopping!
After me, coming 45 minutes late (ridiculous, I know..), 
We went downtown (Manhattan), to Union Square, where we basically snooped around Forever 21 for at least 2 hours, 
Where I managed to find the most amazing things, such as...
- Leather leggings
- A basic white top (which for some reason, I didn't already have)
- A dark blue, Marc Jacobsy everyday dress
- And some undies
(All of which I promise to post by the end of this weekend!).

We then went to the Halloween store, (where I found nothing....),
And then returned to Forever21, where I ended up buying some hideous black shorts.
Standing in line, my friend suddenly goes, 
'Look behind us, its Chanel Iman'
And guess who I spotted behind me...
Geesers, she was so gorgeous! Her face, flawless. No wrinkle, no spots, acne, pores, nothing! White teeth, her hair tied up in messy pony tail, and was actually wearing no, or very little make-up. Her legs were long and slim, (though too thin, almost like my sketches), and she was wearing the most beautiful printed dress, and amazing leather boots.
I know, shes just human, but I swear, for 5 minutes, everything went all slow motion.
It was almost as if we were seeing a dinosaur, just standing there with our mouths agape.
She basically just looked around a bit, tried on 3 or 4 hats, giggled with her friend, and left.
I don't know why, but for some reason, the first thing I did once she left was run for the hats, and 'absorb their holy power'. 
Wierd, I know!
I do regret not asking for an autograph, not talking a paparazzo picture, and not asking her to pose for a picture with me,
But my friend made me all nervous!
Theres a picture of her below though.
Gorgous, eh?

October 7, 2008

Green And Dangerous! Rawwrr!

Today sure has been a sh*t annoying day!
First I'm late, (and if I'm late one more time, detention! And its only been like 2 weeks for me!).
Then, after walking up to the fourth floor, I have to go all the way down and up again.
I get caught chewing gum (and it still had flavor!).
I get told off for drawing my sketches in class.
I get told off again.
And then one more time, this time drawing an elephant...
Break time, my friends eat my croissant.
Math, I don't understand anything (okay, so partly because I was giggling too much...), and I was caught drawing my sketches.
English, boring... But at-least I wasn't caught drawing again.
Lunch, no good food, except cucumbers...
French, I got told of for drawing yet again.
Waiting for the bus, traffic delays it an hour, still not there, I walk home (which was fun I guess).
Home, I get yelled at.
Homework, a big kaboodle in my head. Not making any sense at all...
I drew a dress
At first, I  imagined as both beautiful and gorgeous, 
though it soon became Mr.Hulk's girlfriend's dress....
I mean, I somewhat like it, as its not that hideous, and its actually quite cute, I mean, 
A long, structures, yet flowy, shiny green dress...
Though my friend (who's also a crazy fashion freak), didn't do anything but kinda cough, 
when I asked her is she liked it. 

October 6, 2008

Love For Red

Continuing on from yesterday.

October 5, 2008

A New Beginning

Before I start, then here...
My old(er) designs, from this summer.