November 6, 2008


I have two pictures to post, though whenever I do so, 
I upload from Photobucket as always, and I chose the options 
Though for some reason, the picture being uploaded is always so large!
(Like the previous post!)

Any ideas how to prevent this?


yiqin; said...

I am so sorry I can't help you. I have stopped using photobucket because bandwidth keeps exceeding!

icon said...

Well i just upload straight from my computer to the blog so im no help. But i wanted to say thanks for the comment! I've been practicing and practicing so im glad you can tell a difference. As for the silver, it just happened to be from the flash of the camera against the pencil i used (and i didn't use a mechanical one this time around! haha). Look forward to seeing those two pictures and good luck finding out how.

holly said...

thank you!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

If you have a firefox browser, you can edit the pictures size when you are writing a post.

you just click the picture and resize it using the corners. thats what I do

Brigadeiro said...

Oh! I've been having the same problem! Great to see it's 'fixable' :)