November 2, 2008

Questions To Be Answered

First, I want to thank for the amazing award I received!
I really appreciate it, and it really does inspire me to not be a lazy bumms, and continue working hard on my designs. 
Since I have to pass this award on, I pass it on too
because the blog is simply so inspirational.
Its fun to read, good for ideas, holds interesting thoughts, and is updated often, always being one of the first blogs I check out.

And below, is a new design of a coat. 
I do think the shoes are rather gross, though otherwise, any thoughts on the outfit?

And before I finish the post,
I have a 4 questions I would love (need!) to have answered, 
though the questions are only for those of you who are 16 and under.
1. When were you allowed to shop all your clothes yourself, without mom going 'Eew honey. No wayy youre getting that'?
2. Who buys your clothing? And if its split between you and parents, how so?
3. When is your bedtime?
4. Where do you shop of the following, (mention all that apply)
a) Forever 21, H&M, Gap, Abercrombie, etc.
b) Thrift and vintage stores
c) Target, Walmart
d) 'Semi-designers' such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, and  DKNY.
e) High fashion brands only, such as Prada, Armani, Calvin Klein, etc.

Thanks so much, and expect outfits from the October 24, 2008 post soon!

PS. Sorry about the overly large design. It just turned out funny for some reason!


The Stylish Wanderer said...

thanks so much lady! means so much.

Youll have a little shout out in my blog in the next few days.

Just a gorgeous coat btw. I really love those shoes. Is that a little bell on them, or are they just inspirationally including a yellow ball?

hrose said...

your welcome darling! you deserve that award. and i'm glad it's going to inspire you to make some more beautiful designs... like this coat! i really love the colour, and the neckline, and i know you're iffy on the shoes, but i actually really like them. the bootie design is really cute.

alright let's see.
1. when i was 15 i was doing a lot of shopping by myself but when i brought it home mum would always give annoying faces if she hated something. she still does that 3 years later, but i just ignore her.

2. i buy everything that i want. my mum buys necessities, which basically means things that she likes. I think tee-shirts are a necessity but mum makes me buy them. I buy everything that i want, skirts, jackets etc etc and if i need something then mum will buy it provided that it meets her requirements. like say i need a pair of shoes, then they will have to be a pair of shoes that she likes, which usually means i won't like them, so what's the point of buying them in the first place? it's annoying, but by paying for the things that i want i get independence with my wardrobe.

3. i don't have a bedtime haha. but i am almost 18, i mean, if i'm not out and its 12 and i'm sitting in my room on the computer or whatever mum will stick her head in and say time to go to bed, but i never do. :P, when i go out there is an expectation that i be home by 1, but it's never enforced too tightly.

4. the shops are different in aus, but i sort of get what you're saying here. when i go overseas i shop at h&m, topshop and gap as much as i can, because we can't get that stuff in aus. i like that they are cheap (ish) and that the quality is alright.

in australia i shop in similar stores to h&m sometimes, like sportsgirl. a lot of my clothes come from thrift or vintage.

however for me, and because i work so i do have a steady-ish source of income, the point is not cheapness but quality. When i thrift/charity stores/vintage i look for quality and strength of design, and have scored some really lovely pieces that are designer labels from thrift stores. like a ysl coat.

at the moment i think my style is evolving as i am leaning towards classic pieces, which is the result of all this french wardrobe thing. this means that at the moment i am paying a lot of attention to investment pieces that i love. I do not buy designer for the sake of buying designer, i buy designer because first and foremost i love the piece, but secondly because it is well made.

mostly i shop the low-end designers, miu miu, luella, vanessa bruno, 3.1 by philip lim, m by mj (for accessories only, i don't like his clothes stuff), chloe... and australian designers in this price range like josh goot, willow, ginger and smart, fleur wood.

at this stage i am yet to buy a piece of high end designer clothing at full price. i have bought thrifted high end designer, and i have bought high end designer accessories which i love and wear to death (chanel earrings, dries van noten shoes, marni bag, burberry belt and scarf). The problem for me is that my salary, from working in a small boutique, does not extend far enough to cover high end designer items. Believe you me, with my obsession with fashion when i have a full-time job all my money will be going into the labels i love but can't really afford right now; chanel, prada, lanvin, givenchy, alexander mcqueen, ann demeulemeester, stella mccartney etc.

i buy most of my low end designer stuff from the internet though. net-a-porter and lagarconne are the best, they have sales where they slash the prices on things, and even with shipping it is less expensive than the mark up on designer clothes here.

hope this helps!
why did you want to know anyway?
i'd love it if you answered the questions too!
always good to learn new things about bloggers.

Brigadeiro said...

Love the coat! AND the shoes! You're so talented, am very envious, as I would love to design, but simply cannot draw (and have limited sewing abilities). Do you also 'make' your designs? It would be amazing to see them come to life!

Seeing I'm double the age of 16 (eeps!) I cannot answer the questions above...

ashleigh said...

you definately deserve the award :)

and i think as soon as i started buying my own clothes, mum had no say in it. and unfortunately with that comes the fact that you have to spend your money if you want something.

ahh to go back to the days when i could rely on the parents!

Jess said...

1. I'm pretty much allowed to choose my own clothes - my parents don't object.
2. About once a year me and mum mum go on a shopping trip and buy me some necessities. The rest of my clothes I get given from friends and family or buy myself from my babsyitting money.
3. Er..10:30pmish?
4. H&M, Charity Shops,

PS Why do you need to know these answers? Oh, and I'm British, so I don't know if this means you still need the answers or not? Are you just looking for US?

Good to hear from you - I like the shoes - they're nice!

hrose said...

ahahahahah just re-read your post and you're looking or under 16 year olds... just disgregard my essay-length comment then. :D

holly said...

1-around 12 ish but when i go thrifting my mom usually edits my purchases for the sake of being mom
2-both my mom and i. i do chores to earn my money and when i have it i spend it (: thrifting i usually dont have to repay her and when it comes to shoes we usually buy them and then i earn them off by doing chores
3-dont really have on
4-ABC although we only have like 1 f21 close and no target i make do with the stores i have

♥ the colour of the dress is wonderful

yiqin; said...

I wish I can draw as well as you!! I love those shoes too. Especially the straps. So pretty!

You totally deserve the award :)

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Sure! Id be happy for you to steal it!

freeTeyme said...

i love that blue dress! you got so much talent!