October 9, 2008

Won't Believe Who I Saw Today!

Had the most amazing time today, with two of my friends, shopping!
After me, coming 45 minutes late (ridiculous, I know..), 
We went downtown (Manhattan), to Union Square, where we basically snooped around Forever 21 for at least 2 hours, 
Where I managed to find the most amazing things, such as...
- Leather leggings
- A basic white top (which for some reason, I didn't already have)
- A dark blue, Marc Jacobsy everyday dress
- And some undies
(All of which I promise to post by the end of this weekend!).

We then went to the Halloween store, (where I found nothing....),
And then returned to Forever21, where I ended up buying some hideous black shorts.
Standing in line, my friend suddenly goes, 
'Look behind us, its Chanel Iman'
And guess who I spotted behind me...
Geesers, she was so gorgeous! Her face, flawless. No wrinkle, no spots, acne, pores, nothing! White teeth, her hair tied up in messy pony tail, and was actually wearing no, or very little make-up. Her legs were long and slim, (though too thin, almost like my sketches), and she was wearing the most beautiful printed dress, and amazing leather boots.
I know, shes just human, but I swear, for 5 minutes, everything went all slow motion.
It was almost as if we were seeing a dinosaur, just standing there with our mouths agape.
She basically just looked around a bit, tried on 3 or 4 hats, giggled with her friend, and left.
I don't know why, but for some reason, the first thing I did once she left was run for the hats, and 'absorb their holy power'. 
Wierd, I know!
I do regret not asking for an autograph, not talking a paparazzo picture, and not asking her to pose for a picture with me,
But my friend made me all nervous!
Theres a picture of her below though.
Gorgous, eh?


Kinsey said...

oh wow!
What a lucky encounter! She is beautiful, I have a question though, do you use water color pencil with your designs? By the way they are lovely, I adore your color choices.
nice blog.

ashleigh said...

oh my gosh!

that's amazing. i never get cool encounters like that!

sounds like you got some great stuff too :)

and yep i'd love to trade links :)

hrose said...

i love her, she's just gorgeous, and one of my favourite models out there.
and great purchases, leather leggings are on my list of things to 'try on' and see if they 'could work'.
but wow. chanel iman! (i love her name)
lucky you!
i've seen alice burdeu once on the subway in new york... she's kind of big in australia cos she won next top model here but she's also semi big in the fashion world too... she sort of didn't do much this fashion week though ( i did a sad post on it).
but yeah, no other models. i'd love to see cat mcneil though, or lily donaldson.

ed said...