October 10, 2008

Yet Another Celebrity Encounter

Okay, now I'm just starting to sound fake, with all my boasting on celebrities, 
But I really did see yet another one!

As my school is in the middle of NYC, the school is separated in two, 
And when my friends came from the other building, they told me how they had seen....
at Serafina, and as I'm a huge fan, 
I completely ignored the fact that I had class, and ran to Seraphina, too see the gorgeous Emma Watson, upstairs by the window, together with a (very handsome) guy.
I'm not going to go in on the details, 
But she was extremely pretty, and looked a lot like, well, as she does in magazines and all.
Emma was just, ... Emma!
I didn't have a camera though, as I was at school, (though I heard the people at Serafina were really mad at the paparazzi, so I wouldn't have taken one anyways), 
And she was sitting upstairs, and if I did go in, (instead of standing outside, looking up), I would have to sit down to eat or drink something, which I didn't have the money for....
It was fun though.
Back 2 years ago, I would never in my LIFE have imagined I would move to NY, and see celebrities, though now, its somewhat happening!
Very fun.


hrose said...

this is getting ridiculous. two amazing celeb sightings in a few days? this is unfair... no-one famous or interesting ever comes to australia/lives here (except for maybe hugh jackman, who helped my mum in the supermarket once)...

emma watson! was she pretty in real life? i think she is such a gorgeous girl, but she can't dress herself for shit. i would love to have a look at her closet and put things together for her.
and who was the guy???!!! ahahaha you've started a rumour in my head now. :]
she probably met up with daniel radcliffe as well, isn't he on broadway baring all for equus?

ah i'm so jealous... i wish i lived in new york. i did an exchange there at the beginning of the year and it was great, i saw so many famous people like every day. I saw James Mcavoy (my future husband), the cast of gossip girl, clive owen, anne hathaway, keira knightley... it was great! i wish i could be back there.

And I love Serafina, yummy food, if i remember correctly. alright, long comment over, but wow, i am so jealous of you right now! chanel and emma! this is some kind of perfect world you're living in right now.

♥ fashion chalet said...

How cool is that!?!?!

She is such a sweetie too. :) Lucky you, eh? :)

Thanks for the lovely comment, dear. xx

xo/ fashion chalet

Kinsey said...

oh wow Emma watson, she is rediculously beautiful!
she has to one of my favorite actresses along with Anne Hathaway. isnt she the new face of a Chanel product? I read it somewhere I believe.
Is it ok if I link you???
well currently I'm using both water color pencil and tube water color paint. I favor Acrilic more though,i like to layer paint. Water color is quite the challenge for me.

icon said...

your are ridiculous ! haha leaving school to stalk celebrities? haha sounds like fun... you live in nyc? ah im bitterly jealous haha

daiana said...

ohhh wow!!! how lucky are you!!! i´m so jelause lol. who was that guy that emma was with? can you tell me more about it, please?

Tina :) said...

Awesome! I am a huge fan of hers as well. You are so lucky!
I've tagged you.:)

Tina {Your Everyday Style}

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks. :)
I'm not so sure, I'll have to check.

xo/ fashion chalet

Jess said...

Wow! You are amazingly lucky - I've never seen anyone Particularly famous - does Jason Donovan count? I didn't think so.
I lvoe Emma Watson!

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