October 7, 2008

Green And Dangerous! Rawwrr!

Today sure has been a sh*t annoying day!
First I'm late, (and if I'm late one more time, detention! And its only been like 2 weeks for me!).
Then, after walking up to the fourth floor, I have to go all the way down and up again.
I get caught chewing gum (and it still had flavor!).
I get told off for drawing my sketches in class.
I get told off again.
And then one more time, this time drawing an elephant...
Break time, my friends eat my croissant.
Math, I don't understand anything (okay, so partly because I was giggling too much...), and I was caught drawing my sketches.
English, boring... But at-least I wasn't caught drawing again.
Lunch, no good food, except cucumbers...
French, I got told of for drawing yet again.
Waiting for the bus, traffic delays it an hour, still not there, I walk home (which was fun I guess).
Home, I get yelled at.
Homework, a big kaboodle in my head. Not making any sense at all...
I drew a dress
At first, I  imagined as both beautiful and gorgeous, 
though it soon became Mr.Hulk's girlfriend's dress....
I mean, I somewhat like it, as its not that hideous, and its actually quite cute, I mean, 
A long, structures, yet flowy, shiny green dress...
Though my friend (who's also a crazy fashion freak), didn't do anything but kinda cough, 
when I asked her is she liked it. 


hrose said...

ah school. they never let you do anything fun! i was always told off in class for writing in my notebook, but it's not my fault that when i think of something i just have to write it down so i don't forget. i suppose it's the same with your drawings??? this dress is lovely though, and i think the colour is gorgeous, very atonement. :]

well, i suppose my blog is kind of musings by me about all sorts of things, fashion, books, poetry, movies, music... it's so i have a creative outlet that is semi-renewable, unlike notebooks.

thanks for linking! i love your sketches so far, and can't wait to see many more beautiful things from you.


icon said...

of course i wouln't ming linking again ...

and school sounds oh so fun... but dont worry everyone has one of those days. or maybe a few but in any case as of the dress, im not sure im not liking it to much, but then again im not a fan of green...

The Stylish Wanderer said...

and what a gorgeous dress it is!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

OH! and you are linked!

I love your banner!

icon said...

more negative but i think it's really the color that bother's me most... but i do like having that hidden pocket, if i looked at it right?

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you, I worried if it was too short but I actually hemmed it just right. ;)

Your drawings are so lovely, every single one of them. wow.

xo/ fashion chalet

Miss V. said...

Oh no I hope you won't get detention! I know, school is so boring... more so now that it is my last year! Lovely sketch, it reminds me of the days when I used to sketch whenever I had time to :)

Anonymous said...