October 18, 2008

Cards of Love <3

So I did in fact make 2 outfits over the week, 
Though I don't have the time, just now, to post them, 
So I'll (hopefully), do that later today.

And yet again, I've also been tagged, by  www.capturethecastle.blogspot.com
to list 
6 unimportant things that make me happy

1. Taking public transportation (Wierd, I know!)
2. Drawing, especially when I know I did I good job.
3. Walking in heels.
4. Tomato on my sandwich.
5. Cutting stuff out of the coupons I get with the N.Y. Times. Never to late to save a dollar or 2!
6. A few foods such as my moms cooking, Haagen Danz icecream, and home made Oatmeal cookies.

And for those who I tagged, 
Here are the rules.
Mention the person who nominated you
List 6 unimportant things that make you happy
State the rules!
Notify those of whom you tagged, with a comment on their blog.

Below, are the people of which I tagged.

And other than that, eating my oatmeal breakfast right now.
And I'm about to go out the door in 15 minutes, to do my museum classes at the Met, with my friend.
Later today, were both going to go to Lee's Art Shop, for community service (I'm a fan of it), to buy paper, as our job is to make cards for the seniors!
Very fun.

But as I mentioned earlier, I will post later today, my 2 designs, and maybe even the cards, if I finish them!


Jess said...

I adore public transport!
Just seeing a bus makes me smile.

Not sure what's going on with the tomato though. :S

You seem to be getting tagged left right and center!

hrose said...

walking in heels makes me happy too! i just like the click click click on the pavement.

can't wait to see these outfits, they sounds great.
and you go to classes at the Met! how glamorous.
i wish i lived in new york.

post the cards too, if you can, the sound so cute!


icon said...

you take classes as the MET? ha im doing the same except in the national gallery of art in washington dc for that seminar thing that i've mentioned a few times in my post... so far it's going good and i hope your classes are going good as well